On-line sale terms and conditions

Please read carefully the following information, which relates to purchase transactions made through this portal.

1. On-line sales general terms

This contract terms and conditions govern the sales of Access Certificates (hereinafter referred to as Tickets) to service users (hereinafter referred to as Clients), and for private events (and other potential products and/or services linked to the events) purchased through the web portal www.eventsbookingsite.com.
Private events ticket sales system is designed, marketed and maintained by Unstoppable Generation Srl, with registered office in Via dell’Ospedaletto Giustiniani 14, 00189 Roma (RM)-Italy, hereinafter referred to as Unstoppable Generation. Users can choose to purchase their tickets to access the event trough said web portal and after registration.

2. Event managers

Unstoppable Generation is in charge of managing the events. Unstoppable Generation has the right to decide every aspect and mode of sale of the Tickets as they are also the tax subject receiving payments. 

  1. Tickets and Events

    3.1 Customers are able to purchase valid tiickets on www.eventsbookingsite.com to gain access to the events on-line or at a physical location and attend to the event. Tickets are subject to the same regulations that can be applied to the Client.

    3.2 Tickets cannot be sold or used for trading. Alternatively, tickets may be subject to a name change if performed through the on-line system of ticket sale of unstoppable Generation. Name change norms will be described in the ticket purchase portal.

    3.3 Unstoppable Generation has the right to cancel a purchase order, at any time, for reasons due to force majeure or events which are not dependent on their will. Specifically,  if payment has not been processed within the time specified,  Unstoppable Generation reserves the right to cancel the purchase transaction. 

  2. Payment methods

    Payment methods that can be used by the Client are determined by Unstoppable Generation, who can apply limitations and exclusions payment to such payment methods used by the Client, for safety reasons or otherwise.
    Credit card payments are managed through Monetaweb Setefi, the Italian company designed to manage automate payments for on-line banking and e-commerce. Transactions are absolutely safe and through highly secure protocols (3D Secure Code). Credit cards accepted for payment are: VISA, MASTERCARD, VISA ELECTRON and PAYPAL. Credit card transaction authorization is immediate and takes place simultaneously with the order confirmation, the actual transaction could take place a few days later. Customers’ credit card data will not be in any way handled or stored by Unstoppable Generation nor by others outside of the banking services listed.
    There may be the possibility to process the payment by bank transfer or through PostePay and Paypal cards. Once received the transaction request, Unstoppable Generation will send the Client IBAN or card number information on which to process the payment. This payment must be processed within the agreed timing.
    In case of payments processed through PayPal, it may be required to process the payment to the email address notified to the Client in the transaction confirmation email that Unstoppable Generation will send at the end of the on-line purchase process. Such payment must be made within the time specified.

    5. Ticket price and service fees

    Ticket price is indicated on the Ticket as decided by the the event manager, Unstoppable Generation.

    6. Notifying transaction confirmation

    Unstoppable Generation and Monetaweb Setefi will send an email to the email address provided by the Client during registration process, as a transaction confirmation and order summary. Each communication contains the event information related to the Ticket purchased, the data about payment methods, Client’s information and a unique order number for each transaction, which identifies the transaction. It is required to keep a copy of the confirmation email.
    If you receive an email that contains digital Tickets, these will contain the QR code to be submitted directly for access.

    7. Withdrawal from purchace

    Customers who withdraw from ticket purchases are not entitled to ticket refund. The Client will not be able to claim the right of withdrawal according to article 55 of the Consumer’s Policy and according to Legislative Decree 22 May 1999, n. 185, as stated in article 7 paragraph B.
    Alternatively, Customers may opt for a NAME CHANGE as purchase withdrawal. The name change can be processed only using the on-line Ticket sales system made available by Unstoppable Generation.

  3. Event cancellation or rescheduling

    Unstoppable Generation is in no way responsible for any inconvenience caused by changes in scheduling or cancellation of an event due to reasons of force majeure or occurrences that are independent from their will. In case such events would occur, the Ticket shall not be refund but the Client can apply for a replacement of the Ticket for the new date of the Event. In any case, the client has the right to apply for a NAME CHANGE at the conditions described in the Ticket purchase web portal.
  4. Ticket delivery and storage

    Customers will receive an email fromevents@eventsbookingsite.com also containing a QRcode to access all the details including the services related to the ticket purchased. If the event is at a physical location, a copy of the email and QRcode must be shown at the registration desk the day of the event in order to collect purchases and be able to access the event and related services. Clients failing to show the email or a copy of the QRcode will not have the right to get the token they purchased.

After registration and collection of the token, in no event Unstoppable Generation shall replace the Ticket due to misplacement, loss, damage, tear or destruction, nor in case the Ticket has been stolen or has become partially illegible.

  1. Limitations of liability and rights of Unstoppable Generation

Unstoppable Generation is not responsible in any way for any damage, whether direct and indirect, of any nature suffered by the Client in relation to the services offered.  Unstoppable Generation also reserves the right to withdraw, modify, suspend or interrupt any function or service due to a case of force majeure or events that are out of their will. Prohibitions

Tickets can not be used for political, commercial, advertising or other promotional purposes (such as, for example, prize competitions) except under prior written permission of Unstoppable Generation.

12. Event manager’s Regulations

The sale is performed under the conditions set out by Unstoppable Generation, when specified, available on the website www.ugeventi.com under the event’s section thereof.
General conditions in this section shall be understood as additional regulations to event’s specific regulations, as necessary: the acceptance of the General Conditions therefore implies that the Client also accepts the conditions that apply to the event when posted on the event page; in case of incompatibility issues between General and Specific conditions, the latter shall prevail.

13. General terms

13.1 The invalidity of any provision of these General Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provisions.

13.2 Unstoppable Generation reserves the right to amend and/or supplement these General Terms and Conditions as necessary.

13.3 196/03 “Personal data protection policy”, Unstoppable Generation Srl, with registered offices in Via dell’Ospedaletto Giustiniani 14, 00189 Rome (RM) – as data controller relating to the collection of data provided by the data subject for the purchase of Tickets, is required to provide the data subject with information relating to the use of personal data as stated in the Privacy Policy available in the relevant section of the website www.ugeventi.com.
This provision relates to processing, which means “any operation or set of operations, carried out even without the aid of electronic instruments, concerning the collection, recording, organisation, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, deletion and destruction of data, even if not registered in a database”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]